Power of the Moon

Of all planets it is the moon that influences us the most. In a lot of cultures the moon is connected to fertility and motherhood, because of the menstrual cycle of women. It takes exactly 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes and twelve seconds for the moon to circle the earth.
Moonlight in fact doesn’t exist: moonlight is the light of the sun in reflection. The shape of the moon changes because the sun enlights a different area of the moon every day. Through the forces of gravity we always see the same side of the moon. The other side we will never see: the famous dark side of the moon.

What do you see when you look at the moon?
In many cultures there are legends and festivities that have something to do with the moon. A Tiberian story tells us about a hare that is willing to sacrifice himself to somebody who needs food. Out of gratitude the image of the hare will be forever visible in the moon…
For almost all Indian and North American tribes the hare is symbol of the moon. The Japanese and Chinese see a rabbit sitting in the moon stains. In its front paws a pestle, mashing rice. Hindus also see a hare in the moon, or a roe deer peacefully grazing in a meadow.